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SSC Courses

SSC 1020 University Freshman Seminar (same as Interdisciplinary Studies 1020).
To maximize student's potential to achieve academic success and to adjust responsibly to the individual and interpersonal challenges presented by collegiate life. Attainment of an appropriate balance between personal freedom and social responsibility underlies all seminar activities. Prerequisite: Restricted to first time college student. No credit for students who have earned credit for AGRIC 1115, INTRDS 1001, IS&LT 1110, ELPA 3100 or an equivalent first year orientation course at another institution. Credit restrictions that apply to orientation classes apply to this course. Students are not allowed to be enrolled in SSC 1020 and SSC 1150 in the same semester.

SSC 1150 Learning Strategies for College Students
Students' learning strategies are assessed, and their needs are given greatest emphasis. Learning through reading and listening are given major consideration as are the corollary skills of vocabulary expansion, studying and note taking.

SSC 2100 Career Explorations
Explore your interests, values, and skills in this 1 credit hour course. Through class discussions, activities and assignments, students will learn how to make sound career decisions, use career resources to explore occupations, set goals, and prepare for the future by learning about résumés and interviewing.

Co-Curricular Activities

Pathways Learning Community
This learning community is sponsored by Academic Exploration and Advising Services. See
The Pathways sponsored learning community provides an ideal environment for students undecided about major and career options at MU. Participants learn about themselves and utilize that knowledge to determine which professional and academic paths are most beneficial for them.

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