Information for Faculty

My student needs help with planning a career path or choosing a major.
Help is available at the Discovery Center and then the MU Career Center.
My student is in danger of flunking out.
Send your student to their assigned academic advisor.
My student needs help with learning how to learn, reading critically, studying for exams.
The Learning Center can help.
My student needs help with writing, brainstorming, organizing thoughts prior to writing, etc.
The Writing Center can help
My student needs online writing help.
The Writing Center can help
My student needs guidance on how to approach writing assignments.
The Writing Center can help
My student needs help with math assignments.
The Learning Center offers math help sessions.
My student needs a part-time job.
The MU Career Center hosts the University of Missouri Part-time Jobs web site.
My student needs practice interviewing before participating in a real interview.
The MU Career Center can set up mock interviews.
My student is looking for help with a résumé.
The MU Career Center can help students on a drop-in basis. No appointment is necessary.
I would like to require my students to complete an assignment at the MU Career Center.
Contact Craig Benson at the MU Career Center at
I would like the MU Career Center to give a presentation about resume writing, interviewing or another career topic.
Schedule an Outreach Presentation with the MU Career Center‘s Outreach Team.
I need help with my own career planning.
The MU Career Center can help you for a small fee.