By Savannah Borgsmiller

Choose Your Own Adventure

How to Start Getting Involved

Take the first step with an interest you already have – whether that’s your major, favorite hobby or service activity – or investigate an interest you haven’t explored yet. There are as many unique paths to getting involved as there are stripes on a Tiger!

Three of Mizzou’s Involvement Ambassadors, your guides to involvement on campus, each have a tip to help you dive in:


Attend an Involvement Week Event (Sept. 5-8, 2023)

Junior majoring in Biological Engineering
Involved in Undergraduate Research, Engineering Student Council, Sigma Phi Delta, Choral Music and Tiger Pantry

Coming to Mizzou, I had one goal: try new things.  I remember attending the Get Involved Fair, and subsequently the Volunteer Fair, during my first few weeks as a freshman. True, it was a bit overwhelming, but the welcoming nature of all students – and the organizations they represented – quickly calmed my nerves.  

Thanks to that fair, I quickly found my place and my people here on campus. Meeting students with similar interests led to that beautiful spiral that gave me the opportunity to participate in Mizzou Engineering Student Council, Sigma Phi Delta, and Tiger Pantry! 

I cannot express enough gratitude and appreciation for the people I have met, and the things I have been able to do as a member of these organizations.”


Be brave and put yourself out there

Sophomore majoring in Psychology and Sociology
Involved in Zeta Tau Alpha, Involvement Ambassadors and Honors College

“Moving to Columbia, 5 hours from home where I knew absolutely no one, was a little scary for me. I knew getting involved in a club or organization here on campus would be a great way for me to begin to form my own family at school. Looking back a year later, I am so glad that I put myself out there. It was uncomfortable at first to walk up to tables and ask for more information. It was nerve-wracking to email professors, asking about Undergraduate Research opportunities and clubs within my major, but I am so grateful that I did. I have gained leadership skills and positions, friendships, professional development resources, and most importantly, a family here at Mizzou.”


Stop by the Center for Student Involvement and meet with an Involvement Ambassador

Senior majoring in Journalism
Involved in Mizzou Student Media: The Maneater, Kappa Alpha Mau, Mizzou College Democrats and Involvement Ambassadors

If I could go back to my first year at Mizzou,  I wish I would have known about the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) and all of its opportunities. Being able to share this amazing place with others has become the highlight of my Mizzou experience. My favorite part about the CSI is you can ask a million questions, and there will always be someone there to help you find the answer. Located on the second floor of the MU Student Center, it is the central hub for involvement at Mizzou. 

You can learn more about the 600+ student organizations on campus, Fraternity & Sorority Life, student government – but you can also meet with an Involvement Ambassador like me. Involvement Ambassadors are fellow students, who started out as students who didn’t know what exactly we were interested in or where to start.  

An Involvement Ambassador can sit down with you 1-on-1 and help connect you to involvement opportunities at Mizzou that are customized to your interests, hobbies or career goals.”

Hear our Tigers roar about involvement.

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