By Sadie Collins
This summer, discover where your stripes can take you.

Expanding Your Horizons

When you’re a Tiger, you’re in the middle of the middle.

Whether you want to degree deep-dive in the heart of Rome or learn about farming right here in Missouri, research opportunities, summer abroad programs and exciting internships are all around you.

Travel Near or Far

You don’t need a passport to make a big impact this summer. Everyone’s goals are different, so you can scout out both longer programs overseas and shorter ones right here in your backyard. Morgan Shahan, director of study abroad in the Sinclair School of Nursing, oversees a range of experiences, from gerontology in South Korea to something a bit more local.


“There’s something called Clinical Rural Immersion Program,” Shahan said. “It’s an interprofessional activity for a couple weeks in the summer where students go live in a farm community.” For two weeks, students dive into group activities and meetings with community leaders and rural health professionals in Missouri.

Uncover a New Perspective

College is the perfect time to explore, whether that’s classes outside your major or life in an entirely different city. A semester-long program might feel daunting, but a summer experience packs fresh perspective in a bite-sized chunk of time.


“I spent last summer interning in a cancer research lab in Rome,” said Ruby Erickson, a senior studying Psychology. “My favorite memory would probably have to be every mealtime, spending multiple hours at the dinner table with my friends. I highly recommend the internship program if you’re looking to get more real-life experience in your field.”


Even though programs can be as short as 10 days, you can learn how to navigate cultural barriers. “In our community health course in Costa Rica, students have clinical hours and gain a better understanding of the struggles their patients go through,” Shahan said. “Them having the language barrier because they don’t know Spanish helps them empathize with patients they might encounter later. That trip builds a lot of empathy and cultural competence.”

Take Action Now

Plan ahead – making the most of your summer means prepping. The first step? Start the conversation with your family and mentors.

“Students should talk to their advisor and build space, even as a freshman,” Shahan said. “If you stay a couple steps ahead, you can take advantage of even more opportunities.”

Explore more about your next adventure with study abroad, and browse the full resources to even more internship opportunities today!