Are you ready for it?

Mizzou's Well-Being Era

The University of Missouri provides Tigers with ample health and wellness resources so there is no Bad Blood when it comes to finding intentional support at Mizzou. Tigers can be Fearless in their journey to becoming holistically well, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Bonnie Hood, Associate Director of the Wellness Resource Center, and Pangku Cardona, Associate Director of Programs at MizzouRec, know All Too Well about guiding Tigers to success. You can use these few things to take charge of your well-being:


Start Your Well-Being Love Story

MizzouRec and Student Health and Well-Being have partnered together to implement Well-Being Coaching. This non-clinical service starts with an initial one-hour meeting. Trained staff will assist you in creating an action plan to achieve goals related to improving sleep, hitting nutrition or physical movement goals or reducing stress. Follow-ups are only a half hour and the perfect opportunity to track your progress to reaching goals.

Use the Rec to Shake it Off

MizzouRec offers something for every Tiger to get moving right on campus. “It makes sense that visiting the Rec helps with good sleep,” Pangku shared. “Physical movement of any sort can help boost your energy throughout the day, assist in finding a sense of community and truly help Tigers feel better especially during stressful times of the semester.” MizzouRec offers group fitness classes, intramurals, club sports or the opportunity to walk in and utilize the varying indoor and outdoor facilities for all Tigers throughout the entire year.

Fuel Up Your Wildest Dreams

Good sleep can seem unattainable as a college student, but it is needed to succeed in any capacity. Our bodies need seven to nine hours of sleep to restore balance.


Here are a few tips the Wellness Resource Center shares to improve sleep:


  • Keep your bed as a cozy sleeping spot.
  • Avoid stimulants like coffee or energy drinks a few hours before going to sleep.
  • Practice relaxation breathing techniques or mindful meditation. Download TAO and use your university login to access free wellness resources.


Fueling your body and mind with nutritious food can help you succeed as well. You can connect with Mizzou’s registered dietitian at to schedule a consultation. Mizzou also offers an online tool, Zoutrition, to help Tigers meet personal nutrition goals and know where to find well-balanced meals.

Find Your Self-Care Style

“Well-being looks different for everyone,” Bonnie shared. “Student Health and Well-Being is here to provide the tools for students to succeed and define what balance is in their own life. Whether that’s individualized consultations, workshops or providing resources for independent growth, we’re here to champion that whatever it looks like.” You can stay connected with Student Health and Well-Being on Engage or their website.


Your well-being journey is never Out of the Woods. Especially at Mizzou. While these tips can be applied now, well-being coaching can help plan out how to live with less stress, improved sleep, and reaching nutrition and physical movement goals. For Tigers ready to create an action plan, Well-Being Coaches can be booked through MU Connect. Wanting to know more? Contact