Stress happens.

Mizzou is your anti-stress bff!

College is complicated.

Balancing involvement and academics can seem like a daunting task. Stress happens! Knowing that it’s normal and how to cope with it are the keys to navigating through it.

The University of Missouri provides innovative and accessible resources for every Tiger to choose well-being and manage stress. Well-being looks different for everyone but hear from your fellow Tigers about ways they find wellness and support across campus.


Staying active and moving your body is a great way to manage stress. MizzouRec provides quality experiences for all Tigers to find wellness through its nationally recognized facilities and programs.

Scott, a senior featured on The College Tour, shared all that MizzouRec has to offer. He is involved in weightlifting and intramural sports, but he also understands the importance of decompressing in the sauna at Tiger Grotto. MizzouRec provides activities, enrichment and opportunity for any Tiger looking to find balance in their life. As a student employee, he is able to share about what is available for all Tigers right on campus.


Located on the lower level of the Student Center, the Wellness Resource Center provides resources focused on supporting your well-being.  From goal setting meetings to weekly meditation sessions to just grabbing a cup of coffee and using the massage chair, the WRC can help you refocus and destress.  

Amy, a junior Biochemistry major, shares that the Wellness Resource Center is the place she turns to when she needs to find relief on campus whether it’s a hot beverage or time to hang out with her friends and complete puzzles. She so enjoys her time in the Wellness Resource Center that she now works in the space as a well-being peer and part-time employee. If you head down to the Wellness Resource Center, make sure you say hey to Amy and the team!   


The Office of Inclusive Engagement with the Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity wants to help you find a community and a sense of belonging. Resource Centers include the Cambio Center, LGTBQ Center, Multicultural Center, Women’s Center and Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center. This group of centers offers a place to be yourself, connect with others, and navigate shared experiences.

Nina, a junior public health major, understands the importance of finding support at Mizzou. She shared, “I have been able to find a group of individuals at the Women’s Center who push me to be better and support me when I am struggling. No matter what I am going through I can go to them for encouragement, for help and to celebrate my wins.”

Mental Health

Chuck Burgess, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and Outreach Coordinator for the MU Counseling Center. The Counseling Center at Mizzou, located on the 4th floor of Strickland Hall, provides support groups, skill building workshops and brief individual therapy for students.

The Counseling Center believes in holistic well-being and wants to provide accessible resources for your mental health. TAO, an on-demand mental health app, is one of the many resources you can find listed on the Mental Health Resource Hub. MUCC 24/7 is an additional resource where you can speak to an on-call clinician at any time. If you or someone you know is struggling, call 573-882-6601.

Stress for students is normal.

In small and balanced amounts, it can help you stay motivated and achieve new goals. Sometimes that extra push can help when you are getting ready for an exam! But stress shouldn’t hold you back from reaching new heights or figuring out who you are as a Tiger. Keep these resources in mind if there comes a time where the stress becomes too much. Mizzou can help you find tools to thrive.